South Fla. still needs to keep eye out for storm threat

Wave given 30 percent chance to develop into tropical system

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Despite remaining disorganized, a tropical wave that could still threaten South Florida is now being given a 30 percent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone by the time it reaches our area.

Previous forecasts claimed only a 20 percent chance.

The tropical wave brought heavy rains to the Greater Antilles and is moving westward across the Bahamas. 

The chances for development are medium, which it is down from where it was earlier this week when the wave had an 80 percent chance of developing. 

Wind shear is keeping the system from organizing, but that may dissipate by the end of the week, allowing the storm to gain strength.

Most of the projection models show some type of system approaching South Florida. 

It appears the models are now pointing toward a weak system impacting the area. 

"More and more it's looking like the threat for South Florida will be heavy rain," Local 10 News chief certified meteorologist Betty Davis said. 

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said the possibility of a tropical storm developing near the Florida Straits still exists.

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