Turkey Point workers prepare nuclear power plant for possible rough weather

Tropical wave weakening, but still could impact South Florida


HOMESTEAD, Fla. – The Turkey Point nuclear power plant is gearing up for the coming storm as workers prepare for bad weather.

"Should a storm come like the one that is approaching now, we make sure the site is ready," emergency preparedness manager Kevin O'Hare said.

In the event of a power outage, the twin reactor nuclear power station has a backup system called the Flex Building -- a 60-by 150-foot-long structure.

"As a result of Fukushima, (we) needed another level of protection," Sergio Chaviano, project manager of the Flex Building, said.

Inside a box are backup systems that can deliver power to the entire plant.

"We have a pump here to the right, a smaller pump to the left. We have trailers that can carry hoses throughout the plant," Chaviano said.  

The hoses can carry water to cool reactors in the event of an emergency, but crews said they've been preparing for hurricane season since March.

"Our philosophy is to prevent problems so that by June 1 we are ready for hurricane season and whatever might come our way," O'Hare said.

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