Safety warnings for South Floridians dealing with flooding

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – Many South Floridians were wading through the water Wednesday outside their homes after days of rainfall caused serious flooding in some areas, but there are safety concerns to be aware of.

One of the big ones is electrocution.

Most know to avoid downed power lines and electrical wires, but what about what's under water that we can't see?

Electrical currents in the water can pose a huge risk to anyone who comes into contact with it.

The other obvious concern that goes ignored is contamination in the water. All kinds of bacteria can be present in standing water, especially when it is left over long periods of time.

Emergency officials said playing or even standing in it is something that should be avoided.

"Especially standing rain water you have to worry because it can be a collection of sewage, especially with our storm systems here, the drains will back up and you can get actually raw sewage that will spill out onto the street," Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital emergency room Dr. David Hooke said. "Assuming it's not raw sewage, then you can get routine contaminants from lawns and driveways and other places."

Authorities warn drivers to be extra cautious on the roads during flooding.

Aside from the damage from water itself, authorities said there can be objects hidden from view that can damage or potentially disable passing vehicles. 

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