Davie residents find fish in yards after days of heavy rain

Residents stranded because they can't move vehicles

DAVIE, Fla. – Davie residents told Local 10 News Wednesday that flooding in the area has been the worst that they have seen since Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

"There's literally fish all around everybody's yard. I'm just glad there aren't alligators floating around," Steve Kroll said.

The severe flooding in the area is the result of several days of steady downpours.

"Our roads are all flooded and there was a tow truck having to tow a tow truck when we were walking," Karen Schantini said.

Residents in the Paradise Village neighborhood were stuck in knee-deep water on Wednesday, taking even brief breaks in the rain as opportunities to try to clean up.

"I've been living here eight years. It's never like this. Never," Frank Torres said.

"When you step out the door, as soon as you step off the steps, you're 6 inches there, and if you walk any further you're up to your knees," Leo Fournier said.

Not even Davie police could escape the high water; One police cruiser had to be towed out of a nearby shopping center.

Many residents in the area said they can't go to work because they can't move their cars. 

But residents said they're going to do their best not to get frustrated because this is just the beginning of what they have to deal with while living in South Florida.

"Make the most of it because it's just hurricane season starting now," Torres said.

Residents in Torres' neighborhood plan to pull out their grills to host a barbecue for everyone in the community while they wait for the flooding to recede.

The Red Cross out up a makeshift command center in Davie for those who may have been displaced due to the water. 


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