Undocumented migrants shouldn't fear immigration authorities during Hurricane Irma, authorities say

Sen. Marco Rubio says fear kept undocumented farm workers from evacuating


MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – Sen. Marco Rubio said undocumented workers in Immokalee were afraid to evacuate. He said migrants in their position need not to fear the threat of deportation when seeking shelter from Hurricane Irma.  

Rubio sand Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said immigration authorities were not going to be targeting undocumented migrants at the public shelters in South Florida. 

Gimenez said there was a rumor that city employees at the shelters were going to be requiring identification. This was false, he said.

Rubio and Gimenez said federal authorities, including ICE agents, were going to be helping local authorities in the area during and after the catastrophic Category 5 storm.

Rubio also said relatives of undocumented migrants at Krome Detention Center would not be able to visit them during and after the storm, since they were being transferred to other facilities away from the reach of the storm. 

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