Police won't investigate broken window at Foot Locker because of Irma

Incident at Shoppes at Midtown Miami result of storm damage or something else?

MIAMI – Shattered glass and merchandise strewn about a store in the early morning is usually a precursor to a police crime scene.

But that wasn't the case Sunday morning in Miami.

Local 10 News reporter Madeleine Wright was looking for damage from Hurricane Irma when she saw the window smashed out at a Foot Locker at the Shoppes of Midtown Miami on North Miami Avenue.

There was shattered glass, scattered clothes and shoes on the floor.

Wright said she called police, who told her that they wouldn't be coming because of the dangerous conditions from the storm.

Police are using their discretion to determine the types of calls they answer during the storm because they don't want to endanger officers' lives.

Wright said she wasn't sure whether a burglar broke the window or if the damage was caused by the storm.

A tree snapped and fell on the other side of North Miami Avenue, blocking the southbound lanes.