Woman's home flooded on Little River Boulevard during Hurricane Irma

Water was up to knees at one point, Latacha Ferguson-Jackson says

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A woman's home on Little River Boulevard in Miami-Dade County was flooded Sunday as Hurricane Irma made its way past South Florida.

Latacha Ferguson-Jackson said she got worried when water began seeping in through her bedroom window.

"I was devastated, because I was like, if water is coming through the window we're going to have to try to make a run for it, because everyone started moving their cars once the water got real high," she said.

Ferguson-Jackson told Local 10 News reporter Madeleine Wright that the water was to her knees at one point, but by Monday morning most of the water had receded.

"By the time I came back here, it was full of water. I couldn't do nothing. I couldn't save nothing," she said.

Ferguson-Jackson said her bedroom suffered the majority of the flooding, but her children's school clothes and her clothes got soaked because they were in baskets on the floor.

"I had all of their school clothes in here, my clothes in here. Everything is soaked," she said.

The mother said she is considering moving following the storm, because of the extensive damage to her home.

"I think I'm going to move, because I can't go through another storm like this," she said. "Andrew -- I thought that was the worst, but this takes the cake." 


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