Popular Keys attraction vows to return after Irma damage

ISLAMORADA, Florida – A popular Florida Keys promises to return soon after taking Irma's best punch and refusing to go down.

For over four decades, Robbie's on Islamorada has been a favorite for tourists and residents alike for its laid-back atmosphere and tarpon feedings.

Visitors enjoy heading out on to the Robbie's dock and hand feeding one of the massive tarpon that swim nearby.

When Irma passed through the Keys last week, even the owners thought it would mean the end of Robbie's.

However, the attraction and restaurant withstood the brunt of the storm, although the docks were completely destroyed, making it impossible to feed the tarpon.

But employees are currently rebuilding the docks and tarpon feeding is expected to resume for all visitors in a bout a month, while the restaurant will reopen in about six weeks.

Don't worry, though. The Robbie's bar is expected to be open "very soon."



About the Author:

Jenise Fernandez

Jenise Fernandez joined the Local 10 News team in November 2014. She is thrilled to be back home reporting for the station she grew up watching. Jenise, who is from Miami and graduated from Florida International University, also interned at Local 10 while she was in college.

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