When will Irma debris piles be hauled away?


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Florida – While Hurricane Irma leveled trees, gardens and other greenery, it also left behind a mountain range of debris piles throughout all of South Florida.

As residents attempt to return to some form of normal, many are wondering when the debris piles sitting in front of practically every home will be hauled away.

The Miami-Dade Department of Solid Waste Management's 31 crews actually began picking up debris immediately after the storm.

Since last Monday, the department has contracted 140 more crews, and by the end of the week will have 500 crews picking up debris and bringing it to the county's disposal facilities.

Over 400,000 tons of debris was left behind by Imra, more than the county hauls away in an average year.

The department requests residents split their debris into two piles: One for vegetation and another for wood or any other solid material.