Forecasters predict fewer hurricanes coming to Florida this year

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MIAMI – Colorado State University has issued its updated forecast for the Atlantic hurricane season and it calls for a below-average season.

The forecast also calls for a reduction from previous seasonal forecasts from earlier this year, with 11 named storms, four hurricanes, and one major hurricane forecast. The seasonal average is 12 named storms, six to seven hurricanes, and three to four major hurricanes.

While the updated forecast states the chances for a major hurricane making landfall have decreased, South Florida residents should still remain prepared. We have seen years in the past that brought a below-average number of storms, but still brought a major hurricane landfall. When Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992, it was one of these years. Remember, it only takes one.

The reason for the reduction in the forecast is due to cool ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic and the odds increasing for an El Nino later this year.

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