Companies across US gear up to help those affected by Hurricane Florence

'This storm is big and it's vicious,' North Carolina governor says

WILMINGTON, N.C. – While those in Hurricane Florence's path are stocking up on necessities, companies around the country are gearing up to help in the storm's wake.

"This is historic. This storm is big and it's vicious," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said. 

Supply store giants Home Depot and Lowe's have both activated hurricane command centers to make sure area stores are well stocked before and after the storm.

"Almost every North Carolinian is going to be affected by this storm in one way or another," Cooper said. "We know there's probably going to be loss of power for a number of days."

Electric companies from all over the country are sending lineman and equipment to help restore power after the storm.

Loss of power and no access to medical supplies can mean life or death for those who survive the storm, but are stuck in its aftermath.

"The concern is about people who are very young or very old, who don't have much money or access to transportation, who do not speak the predominant language or have access to information," Thomas Tighe, of Direct Relief, said. 

Direct Relief, an aid organization in California, is sending crates of medical supplies to help with that burden.

But the most important thing, officials say, is that residents are heeding their warnings and leaving.

"Get to safety before the trouble comes," Norfolk Fire Chief Jeffrey Wise said. "People need to take advantage of the time now while it's still safe and put yourself in a position where you don't need to call 911."

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