After several storms, calm comes to tropics

National Hurricane Center highlights 2 areas to watch, but neither pose threat


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – The tropics have calmed down nicely. The National Hurricane Center has highlighted two areas to watch, but neither are a threat.

A moisture surge is approaching the eastern Caribbean islands, which has a slight chance to organize as a potential disturbance. It's just south of a big batch of Saharan dust. The moisture may affect the eastern Caribbean islands next week, but the atmospheric pattern ahead looks hostile to the system developing in any significant way, at least for the next several days.  

What was left of Florence was swept out to sea off New England by an autumn cold front Tuesday night. That front, combined with an upper-level low-pressure system in the middle of the Atlantic, might eventually develop, after it sits over the warm water for a while, into a system enough like a tropical storm to get named. In any case, it is not expected to threaten the U.S.

Otherwise, there are no apparent tropical threats well into next week.

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