Panama City residents picking up the pieces following Hurricane Michael

Many residents in need of food, water, money as they are now out of work

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – Some residents are now returning to Florida's Panhandle following Hurricane Michael, many of whom are without food, water or money.

"I never saw this kind of disaster on this side of the bridge -- never," Panama City resident Greta Wells said. 

A week after Michael, there is still so much destruction that people in some communities don't even know where to begin picking up the pieces.

At the Circle J Trailer Community in Panama City, virtually every home was damaged.

Some were crushed by trees and others were shredded, stripped or otherwise decimated by the monster storm.

And with most businesses still shut down in the area, many are out of work, making it difficult for them to buy the bare essentials.

"I need money because I can go to (the) beach and buy things to fix up in there," Wells said. 

In Panama City, the median household income is just over $38,000 a year and 22 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

Makeshift distribution centers have popped up to try to meet the need for food and water.

People were also seen Wednesday sifting through bags of donated clothing, looking for something to wear.

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