Local 10's Jenise Fernandez: Marsh Harbour looks like 'war zone' after Dorian

Crew reported safe after harrowing night in Bahamas

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas. – Marsh Harbour looked like a war zone Monday after it received a second lashing by Hurricane Dorian, Local 10 News reporter Jenise Fernandez said.

Fernandez and Local 10 News photographer Brian Ely took refuge on higher ground Sunday night as the severe weather kicked up again.

Fernandez gave her last live report around 2 p.m. Sunday before she said the wind started picking up from the south and the storm surge really started coming through.

That's when Fernandez and Ely decided to ride out the second half of the storm on higher ground at the resort where they have been staying since Friday.

"While we were on higher ground, we literally saw the roof of the building next door to us fly off -- just completely fly off," Fernandez said. "It looked like a rag doll."

Fernandez said she took refuge in a bathroom, but as she was sitting inside, the ceiling began to fall apart. 

She said she and her photographer then rode out the remainder of the storm in the closet of a room. 

The duo's rental car was destroyed by a piece of wood that flew through it, and many balconies throughout the resort were blown off during the storm.

Fernandez said the island was still experiencing windy conditions Monday morning and they hadn't yet been able to have communication with any officials from the Bahamian government. 

Fernandez described Hurricane Dorian as "relentless."

"I have never been through a storm that just did not give up. It was constant wind, constant rain," she said. "All we could hear outside our window was debris flying around everywhere. It wasn't until this morning that there was some relief."


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