ABC News producer helps group get to safety during Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas

ABACO ISLANDS, Bahamas – An ABC News producer jumped into floodwaters Sunday to help get a group of people to safety, as Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas' Abaco Islands. 

The ABC News team was in a resort when they heard shouts for help. They went out to investigate and found a man, a woman and two teenage girls screaming.

A producer decided to use a rope and risk his life to help them get to safety. 

"Our producer ... was separated from them by this rushing, this torrent of water," ABC News correspondent Marcus Moore said Monday during Good Morning America. 

The ABC News team shouted in unison to encourage them to "Swim! Swim! Swim!" through the raging floodwaters of the hurricane's storm surge.

"He had to swim because it was really a race against time," Moore said. "We were in the eye of the storm, so it was calm, but we knew that within minutes, the rest of the storm would come through."

The video shows the group survived. At least five people died in Abaco Islands during the Category 5 storm. ABC News did not identify the producer. 


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