Popular Boynton Beach restaurant floods as Hurricane Dorian lingers

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. – As slow-moving Hurricane Dorian moves toward Florida's east coast and South Florida deals with the king tide, a popular waterfront restaurant was flooded Monday in Boynton Beach. 

Nico Knight said he couldn't believe Two George's Waterfront Grille, next to the Boynton Harbor Marina, was underwater. 

"I have never seen it come up this high here," Knight said, adding that he was on a boat when he recorded the flooded restaurant. 

The Palm Beach County's Sheriff's Office issued a mandatory evacuation order for Ocean Ridge residents and business owners. County authorities warned the hurricane's coastal storm surge and the king tide were going to be a destructive combination this week. 

On the eastern side of Ocean Ridge, the rough seas were battering the beach. At the Boynton Inlet, Intracoastal waters coming from the side of the Ocean Inlet Park and ocean water from the side of the Boynton Inlet Pier fought for dominance. 

The ocean seaweed and debris on the surface of the pier showed the high tide was reaching the surface of the pier. Despite the flooding and beach erosion, Knight said he was feeling lucky. 

"I think we dodged a bullet here," King said. "I saw what it did to the Bahamas and that was drastic."


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