Trump displays altered map to show Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama


WASHINGTON – During a briefing in the Oval Office, President Trump used a forecast map altered by a magic marker showing Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama.

Trump seemed to have featured the bizarre map Wednesday to back up the erroneous claims he tweeted saying the storm was forecast to hit the state.

Following the president's tweet Sunday, the National Weather Service was forced to calm the nerves of Alabama resident by reassuring them that the state would see no impact from Dorian.

Trump fired back, saying the state could have been affected "under certain original scenarios," according to TheHill.com

Not only was the map altered, it may have been an illegal act. Weather writer Dennis Mersereau pointed out that falsifying a National Weather Service forecast and claim that it's official is a violation of federal law.

The White House reportedly did not respond to questions about the map show by Trump.