Efforts to provide Bahamas with supplies, relief being slowed due to Dorian's destruction

Relief supplies, rescue workers badly needed in Dorian-impacted Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas – Survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas are facing a humanitarian crisis.

Many are in need of medical attention and efforts are ongoing to get them the help they need.

With so many people still unaccounted for, many residents are heading to the Nassau airport where a search and rescue crew staging area was set up. 

"My dad is there and I have no heard anything," said Celestine Bootle, whose father is in Abaco. "My fear is what we're all fearing; the worst. But you're praying for the best."

The U.S. Coast Guard says it has taken at least 114 people to safety. 

That as the death toll from Dorian rose to 20 on Wednesday, but that number is expected to rise. 

Arial footage of Grand Bahama tell a tale of sorrow and devastation. 

Houses were leveled and large boats were brought ashore and pushed inland by the storm surge. 

With the water finally receded, those boats are stranded on the now-dry land. 

"We are at a very critical point now," said Bahamian National Security Minister Marvin Danes. "That point is that we are trying to bring about a system of order, to create a system where we don't have chaos. And so we are at that stage and as we carry that out, we are certainly at the recovery and rescue phase as well."

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