Soap-filled creek bubbles over, angers nearby residents

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

BLACK CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A creek in Pennsylvania may look extra clean after a soap-like substance caused the waterway to bubble over, but it could turn out to be an environmental hazard.

Residents near Black Creek noticed soapy suds piling up in the water and flowing down the creek earlier in the week.

WNEP reports the suds stuck in trees, grass and floated up onto roadways.

Unfortunately, what may look like a natural bubble bath could be harmful to the creek. Department of Environmental Protection officials have taken samples and reportedly say it is soap.

It is believed the soap originated from a nearby plant that used to produce Dial.

"We were informed by the Greater Hazleton Joint Sewer Authority of a potential leak in the common shared sewer system. We have isolated our effluent system while we investigate the integrity of our pipelines." the company that owns the plant said in a statement.

Residents who used to enjoy spending time at Black Creek are angry and upset.

"People were actually fishing in here and catching fish, like nice fish, now forget it. They're all gonna die,” said one resident.

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