How's it look for the rest of the day?

Will the rain continue to pester South Florida?

By Luke Dorris - Meteorologist

MIAMI - The rain that has been pestering South Florida all morning will likely continue throughout the rest of the day.

While the heaviest rain is likely behind us, we will still be largely socked in showers through the day.

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We may see a decrease in intensity through lunch time, but another cluster is on the move from the west side of the state. This cluster will dominate our mid-late afternoon, bringing moderate downpours at times. 

So when will we dry out? We should see a significant decrease in rain around sunset.

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Cooler air will follow the rain, as a cold front is the reason for today's rain. Lows tonight will dip to the lower 60s near the beaches, with upper 50s for those a little farther inland.

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