Grandfather forced out of home after neighbor's tree crashes through roof during hurricane

Neighbors say they can't afford $5,000 deductible to fix roof

By Layron Livingston - Reporter

MIAMI - Many people in South Florida are dealing with a mountain of debris on their lawns following Hurricane Irma, but one elderly man in Miami is dealing with much worse.

His neighbor's tree came crashing down on his home during the hurricane, and three weeks later, it still hasn't moved.

Oscar Adderly was forced out of his home after the tree came crashing into his bedroom.

"I'm glad I wasn't here because it probably would have killed me," he said. 

Adderly, who turns 90 next month, said he’s lived at his home on Northwest 49th Street since 1968.

He evacuated his home ahead of the storm and rode out Hurricane Irma with relatives.  

He said he came home to find the neighbor's tree had crashed through his roof and went into his bedroom.

"When I opened the door and looked in there and saw that the roof was down -- that whole side is messed up -- the ceiling on that side," Adderly said.  

There's no telling when Adderly will get to go back home.

He said he does not have insurance.

Adderly's neighbors, who moved to the area a year ago from Panama, said they do have insurance, but can't afford the $5,000 deductible.

In the meantime, Adderly's family said they've registered him with FEMA to get some help.

For now, the damage remains and no repairs have been made. It's unclear when he will be able to return home.

For information on how to help him, click on this link

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