Miramar residents concerned about sewage spill, water conditions after Irma

City says water is OK, but residents say otherwise

By Louis Aguirre - Anchor/Reporter

MIRAMAR, Fla. - Angry and frustrated about water conditions Miramar residents gathered Monday on the banks of a canal at the Canalin Country Club Ranches.

Residents claim the canal, which sits off Southwest 132nd Avenue and Miramar Parkway, has a high concentration of dangerous bacteria after a sewer line broke when a tree was knocked over during Hurricane Irma.

During the past two weeks, thousands of gallons of raw sewage have spilled into the canal.

Residents fear that the water from the canal may have spilled into their well water.

"We have well water and we have to drink it. We have to bathe in it," Gene Heagney said. "And our kids drink it and bathe in it."

Crews from the city were sent to fix the ruptured line last week. 

The city said the water is safe and has distributed flyers containing test results to residents.

But several residents have commissioned their own tests by using an independent lab.

The result of those tests contradict the city's results. City members were not present at Monday's meeting. 

"It wasn't a big surprise when we found out that, as far as the canal is concerned, those coliform levels are just totally off the chart," Michael Kaufman said. "The fecal levels are also exceedingly high, and the E. coli as well. So this is a very dangerous canal." 

Residents are demanding a City Hall meeting in order to discuss those findings. 

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