Monroe County evacuation information

In a typical hurricane, the requirements for Monroe County evacuation are as follows:

  • All persons who live in mobile homes, travel trailers, recreational vehicles (RVs)and boats are required to evacuate.
  • Without regard to structure type, all persons who live in low-lying areas or directly adjacent to the water will receive a recommendation to evacuate.
  • All persons who are sick, elderly, or disabled will receive a recommendation to evacuate the mainland.
  • All women in their third trimester of pregnancy will receive a recommendation to evacuate.


In Category 3, 4, and 5 Hurricanes:

By state statute, all persons are required to comply with an evacuation order. In this case, you will be directed to go to the mainland.

Monroe County shelters



An evacuation is a slow, frustrating, time consuming experience.

Evacuees exercise extreme caution in traffic, because they do not wish to lose their means of transportation. Provisions have been made to close U.S. 1 and move remaining evacuees into the safe structures available, as weather conditions deteriorate. You will not be caught on the highway during landfall of any hurricane.

Dangerous winds can often precede a hurricane by many hours. All persons evacuating with a large vehicle and those persons planning to tow a trailer or boat are required to leave early. Later in an evacuation, these vehicles will be removed from traffic.

Monroe County may not have enough shelter spaces for Category 1 or 2 hurricanes. This is especially true in the Lower Keys and Key West.

There are no shelters in Monroe County that will be safe in the most deadly hurricanes (Category 3, 4, 5).These shelters will remain closed during these most dangerous hurricanes. You must evacuate to the mainland.

The purpose of a shelter is to provide a safe haven from the storm.

Do not expect substantial meals or comfort items. If you want special foods, bedding or entertainment, you must provide it yourself.

Medical care will not will be available at these shelters. If you expect to need medical care, you should make your own arrangements to evacuate to a medical facility on the mainland.

Absolutely no pets, alcohol, or weapons will be permitted in the shelters. The shelter manager is in charge, and all will have a law enforcement officer. All laws will be strictly enforced.

Since Monroe County shelters will not be open for Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricanes, you will need to evacuate to the mainland.

Monroe County residents seeking public shelter will be directed to a shelter on the mainland. Stay tuned to your local news channel for this information. Florida International University is only to be used as a Special Needs shelter by Monroe County residents

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