Man abandons dog by throwing animal over fence, video shows

Young pit bull is scared and won't move from where she was dumped

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A man was seen on surveillance video tossing a pit bull over a gate and then walking away, abandoning her.

Roommates Tanya Vartaynian and Ashley Steffen were asleep inside their Fort Lauderdale home Wednesday morning, but their dog, Boomer, heard the commotion and started to bark. 

"I woke up Ashley and [told her] there's something in our yard, and then we came downstairs and saw that she was down here," Vartaynian said. 

Vartaynian and Steffen had no idea how the dog got there. The gate was closed.  All they knew was that this pup was scared to death.

"Her face was turned to the wall," Vartaynian said. "So she was pretty timid and scared, so we didn't want to do anything."

It wasn't until after when they reviewed their security camera video when they saw what really happened. 

"I cried immediately. ... It just seemed like she hit the ground so hard," Steffen said.

Now this young girl, who they named Gorgonzola, is paralyzed with fear. She won't budge and has spent most of the day, hiding in the bushes. They can't get her to walk or take her to the vet. 

"She gets pretty, pretty scared and then she just, like, pushes her feet into the ground," Steffen said.

They posted her story on Facebook, hoping somebody out there knows something or, better yet, will take will Gorgonzola in, show her some love and give her the happy life she deserves.

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