10 dogs, 2 kittens from Bahamas arrive by ship in Hollywood

Animals rescued after Hurricane Dorian

After a three week rescue trip to the Bahamas, several animals arrived to Fort Lauderdale Wednesday by ship.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – After a three-week rescue trip to the Bahamas, several animals arrived in Hollywood Wednesday by ship.

"We delivered over 60,000 pounds of goods," Jacqueline Le-Buc, of Sea Shepherd, said. "The pictures that you're seeing of this hurricane, the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, are no joke. The place is wiped out for a lot of different towns. And even if they are still standing, you look inside these houses and it looks like a wave of water went through."

After delivering much-needed supplies to the islands, Sea Shepherd brought back 10 dogs and two kittens. 

Representatives with CompassionKind, a nonprofit organization Sea Shepherd teamed up with, said they are planning to go back soon and rescue more animals.

"Some of the images will probably never leave my mind of people and animals trapped in homes," Aja Nikita Estoro, with CompassionKind, said. "Some of the animals we've seen stuck in homes drowned, starved to death because nobody found them. It was a very intense thing to see, but we are just happy and hopeful that we can still do more."

The organization also plans to bring more supplies to the islands for people still in desperate need of help.

"Now they want to start rebuilding, so (they need) building supplies, saws, nails, hammers, that kind of stuff," Le-Buc said.