Coral Gables police use 'Star Wars' recruitment video to attract new Jedi

Police say applications have doubled because of video

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – In a galaxy not too far, far away, officers fight crime on a daily basis.

The Coral Gables Police Department is looking to add a few Jedi to its force.

In the recruitment video posted on the city's Facebook page, "Star Wars" villain Darth Vader is seen stealing from citizens, but his Jedi mind tricks are no match for a Coral Gables police officer, who hauls Darth Vader to jail.

The video has been viewed on Facebook more than 38,000 times.

"You've got to be courageous, you've got to be professional, and you've got to be willing to serve the public and the residents and visitors of Coral Gables," Officer Kelly Denham said.

Denham said her agency is always looking to hire, train and mentor future officers.

The Coral Gables Police Department is seeking as many qualified candidates as possible in order to find those Jedi who would be a perfect fit for the job.

It's a clever campaign that has gotten results.

"In the month of April, we've gotten over 149 applications, which is double the amount which we normally receive, so the video is working," Denham said.

The application process is lengthy, but police said it's well worth the time.

Click here for more information and to apply for a job with the Coral Gables Police Department.

May the force be with you.

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