South Florida family receives generous gift after falling on hard times

El Dorado donates $5,000 worth of furniture to Ramos family

MIAMI – A South Florida family who has endured homelessness and a cancer diagnosis received free furniture this week from El Dorado.

The gift is part of the company's campaign to celebrate its 50th anniversary by giving 50 deserving families new furniture.

It's been a while since Barbara Ramos and her family received some good news, but that changed Thursday thanks to the team at El Dorado Furniture.

Ramos was shocked to hear that her family would receive $5,000 worth of new furniture.

After learning about the family's heartbreaking story, El Dorado selected the family of six to be part of its 50 Years, 50 Families campaign.

"We were OK and then Ivan was diagnosed," Ramos said.  

Ivan, who is 5 years old and the youngest member of the family, was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma last August and has undergone intense chemotherapy treatments.

"We still go a lot to the hospital. He sees his doctor. They are going to do an MRI very soon to see, because they found a spot," Ramos said.  

Because Ivan required around-the-clock care, the family suffered financially and, at one point, found themselves homeless.

"It's been a little rough," Ramos said.

The family has since gotten back on their feet and every room of their small, two-bedroom apartment is now adorned with new furniture, including a new bedroom set for mom and dad, and bunk beds for Ivan to share with his siblings.

"They are going to be surprised when they see the bunk beds," Ramos said.  

Ramos said "words can't express" how grateful she is for the generosity of those at El Dorado Furniture.

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