Video of South Florida boy, Los Angeles Angels baseball player goes viral

Albert Pujols ran over to 9-year-old Nico after game

MIAMI – A South Florida boy's baseball dreams came true this week when he got to meet his hero, and a video of the interaction between the two has since gone viral.

Ask Nico what his favorite sport is, and he'll tell you it's baseball. His favorite player is Albert Pujols.

Nico recently got some FaceTime with the Los Angeles Angels star, seen in a video that has now gone viral.

Nico was on vacation with his parents in Toronto. The 9-year-old tried to get Pujols' attention, and he managed to catch the all-star's eye.

"He turned over and looked at Nico and immediately lit up," said Nico's father, Joe Squarini. "A smile from ear to ear, and was waving at him in between pitches."

Pujols ran over to Nico after the game, took the jersey off his back and signed it right there, stopping to take pictures, which blew up on social media.

Nico's parents said he was stunned.

Pujols has dedicated much of his life off the field to helping children, like Nico, with Down syndrome. His daughter was born with the condition, starting the Pujols Family Foundation.

Nico's parents said the future Hall of Famer honoree has done much to help others see what anyone who meets this 9-year-old sees instantly.

"There's not that much difference between someone like him, someone like me or you or anybody else out there," said Nico's mother, Mayra Squarini. "He's charismatic like other kids."

Local 10 News met Nico and his parents at his summer camp at the David Posnack Jewish Community Center, which posted the video on social media. His parents said the center has really helped him socialize with other kids while teaching him the life skills he needs to be independent.

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