Group cleans up Miami-Dade neighborhood

Commissioner Audrey Edmonson kicks off project

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

MIAMI - Cleanup crews hit Northwest 18th Avenue in Miami to pick, scoop and haul away pounds of garbage Wednesday.

"It feels good to help out the community make it a little better than throwing out litter and making it worse," said Angelica Stanley, who helped in the effort. 

Miami-Dade Commissioner Audrey Edmonson kicked off the project aimed to revamp the district, create safer streets and bring in new business.

Resident Velonda Gibens has lived in the community for 20 years and says the campaign worked and notices a big difference on her street.

"They are keeping everything clean, not too many people hanging out on the corner, and violence has gone down," said Gibens.

It is good news for city leaders as they fight to keep the community safe, one piece at a time.

"We're just trying to bring it back up. This is one of the big crime spots in the community, and people are tired of it," said Edmonson.

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