Delicious or disgusting? Pickle pizza is here

Believe it or not, pickle pizza is gaining popularity

By Keith Dunlap - Graham Media Group

This is a chicken dill pickle pizza from Clam Lake Beer Company in Cadillac, Michigan. The dish is definitely a fan favorite, the restaurant said (photo provided by Clam Lake).

Just when it appeared every pizza topping imaginable had been thought of, along comes another. 

A pickle pizza? 


To quote Ned Flanders in "The Simpsons," this is a dilly of a pickle, because believe it or not, pickle pizza is a fad that is gaining popularity. 

The craze really started back in September, when a Food Insider video showing how a pickle pizza is made at Rhino’s Pizzeria and Deli in Webster, New York, went viral. 

According to an article on, Rhino’s sells 30 pickle pizzas a day, which feature garlic sauce instead of the traditional marinara.

The pizza is officially called The Big Dill.

According to an article on, pickle pizzas are gaining popularity in Michigan, with a variety of pizza shops around the state now selling them.

So, that begs the obvious question: Is this a fad that is here to stay? Or is it just too nauseating to think about, let alone eat?

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