How eggplant emoji led to revocation of South Miami teacher's license

Emoji-laced text conversation will keep Armando Alejo from teaching for 10 years


SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. – A South Florida teacher has had his license revoked because of an emoji-laced explicit text conversation he had with a 17-year-old boy two years ago.

Florida Department of Education records show that former South Miami Senior High School science teacher Armando Alejo had his educator's certificate revoked for 10 years.

According to an administrative complaint filed with the state's Education Practices Commission, Alejo sent sexually suggestive text messages to a teenage student in his class during the 2016-17 school year.

The text messages began when the student wanted to know how he could receive extra credit in Alejo's class.

"You should let me take it again," the boy told Alejo.

"I should f--- that booty," Alejo replied, followed by a pair of 😉 and 😢 emojis.

The text messages show that Alejo initiated the conversation when he told the boy he received a 53.8 percent grade on a test.

At one point during the conversation, the boy asks Alejo what candy he likes.

"🍆 or 🍑," Alejo replied.

The final order bans Alejo from teaching for the next decade. If he teaches again, he would be placed on three years of probation by any employer requiring a Florida educator's certificate.

A spokesman for Miami-Dade County Public Schools said Alejo was reassigned in 2016 and will not be allowed to work for the school district again.