Coral Springs boy goes viral after singing 'A Million Dreams'

Hugh Jackman shares Jack Rodman's video on Facebook

By Sanela Sabovic - Reporter

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - The Greatest Showman is sweeping the nation, and the hit musical has really captivated one little showman in South Florida.

Jack Rodman came out of the movie belting out the hit tunes, and now the little singing sensation is going viral.

So naturally, he loves watching musicals and when he went to see the The Greatest Showman during his winter break, it changed his life, turning the young boy from Coral Springs into a pint-sized showman.

"I was listening to the soundtrack over and over again," Jack said. "I learned all the words and then asked my mom if she could videotape me and put it on Facebook." 

So Jack's mom, Lorin Rodman, did exactly what Jack asked her to do and posted him singing "A Million Dreams" from the movie's soundtrack to her Facebook account.

And that video quickly went viral.

The movie's leading actor, Hugh Jackman, even shared the post of Jack singing, and the video garnered more than 300,000 views. 

"I started freaking out. I was like, 'Jack, Hugh Jackman shared your video.' I was just going crazy," Rodman said. 

Jackman wrote on his post, "You sound really awesome mate! Keep singing! HJ." 

The post inspired Jack, who has been singing since he was 2, and touched his mother's heart, who is one of his biggest fans.

"To have the biggest star of the movie share my son singing their song was just an absolute thrill. It was one of the coolest moments we've ever had," Rodman said.

And Jack had a message of his own for Jackman. 

"Mr. Hugh Jackman, thank you for sharing my post," he said. 

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