Listen to parody song about refusal of service at Taco Bell in Hialeah

'Only in Dade' shares 'Luisa Bell' music video

By Andrea Torres - Digital Reporter/Producer

HIALEAH, Fla. - The Taco Bell employee, who refused to serve a customer at a restaurant in Hialeah because she didn't speak Spanish, is the star of a music video that went viral on Tuesday night. 

The Only in Dade "#LuisaBell" music video starts with the voice of Alexandria Montgomery, the frustrated customer who didn't speak Spanish.



The chorus in Spanish: "Mi vida, mi vida, mi vida, puedes moverte por favor?"  

"Luisa" asked Montgomery kindly if she could move along, but Montgomery refused.  "Mi vida" is an endearing term similar to "honey" or "love." 

The Taco Bell employee, who was wearing a "Luisa" name tag, has since been fired. 


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