Florida company sells GPS ankle bracelets so parents can track kids


TAMPA, Fla. –  A Florida company selling GPS ankle monitors for parents to know where their children are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The ankle bracelet would give parents the location of their kid no matter what. The bracelet would even let parents know if the child was trying to tamper with the monitor or take it off. 

The owner of Tampa Bay Monitoring, Frank Kopczynski, told WAGA he started up the service when a mother called him asking for help after her daughter kept running away.

The service can cost $8 or $10 a day.

Some could see why this is a good idea, others think it is way too extreme. 

This is what the website says:

Tampa Bay Monitoring provides state of the art alcohol testing tools that help criminal, traffic, drug, veterans and family courts, agencies, and alcohol treatment professionals to continuously monitor their clients’ sobriety. Through our screening process, Tampa Bay Monitoring can recommend and provide a device that is best suited for their medical needs and work situation.

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