Settle this debate on National Coffee Day: Which type is the best?

Let us know your favorite!

Stock image. Igor Haritanovich (Pexels)

For many throughout the world, every day is National Coffee Day.

But since Friday is the day that is officially designated as such, have some fun with us.

What type of coffee are you willing to proclaim to the world that it’s undoubtably the best?

Whether its plain black coffee, cream-filled coffee, iced coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, frappe, cold brew, or any others, don’t be shy about telling us your favorite.

Stock image of a cup of black coffee. Andrew Neel (Pexels)

You can do so either in the comments at the bottom of this story, or by submitting a photo of your favorite type below.

Stock image of a cappuccino cup. Pixabay (Pexels)
Stock image of iced coffee. solod_sha (Pexels)

Don’t be shy about letting us know your favorite!

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