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Boil water alert in place for Royal Utility customers in Coral Springs

Alert to remain until Friday evening or clearance, firefighters say

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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Royal Utility customers in Coral Springs are under a boil water alert until Friday evening or until the Health Department clears the affected area, officials said. 

The Coral Springs Fire Department posted to its Facebook page about the advisory early Wednesday morning, informing customers that "it is possible that there are harmful bacteria in the water after a pressure loss."

The department also advised Royal Utility customers to boil water used for cooking, brushing teeth, drinking and other everyday activities, like rinsing contact lenses.

However, fire officials said "water does not need to be disinfected for bathing, showering, or laundry. Dishes can be washed as long as you can use hot water, otherwise disinfect."

A map was included in the advisory to show the affected area, shaded in purple. 

The fire department said it would provide updates as they become available. Customers can call 954-341-7565 for more information.