Should you worry that your child’s school isn’t stocked with hygiene supplies?

With cautionary measures to keep coronavirus at bay, one teacher in Broward County says schools not well equipped

As the coronavirus spreads around the globe, a teacher in Broward County told Local 10 she is worried that her school isn’t well equipped. The school where she works, Broward High School, she says, is short on supplies needed to keep students healthy.

But Miami-Dade County Public School District Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho was willing to go on camera to clear up any concerns about the hygiene supplies in his district.

Attending an awards event at Felix Varela High School, Carvalho said, “Every school has hand towels, hand sanitizers, soap available to them.”

He said each time he is at a school, he checks for himself to see if facilities have adequate supplies. On Friday, at Felix Varela High, he made a quick check in a restroom even before he knew Local 10 was going to approach him to talk about the concern.

“It’s not acceptable that a single restroom in our school district is not appropriately stocked because the schools certainly have what they need. If they are not, I’m asking individuals to use social media and contact me directly,” said Carvalho.

Local 10 reached out to Broward County Public Schools and received this statement.

“The District is reviewing the quantity of hygiene supplies on hand to ensure all schools are adequately stocked. We are focusing extra cleaning where high-frequency contact areas occur (cleaning and sanitizing contact surfaces with a germicidal disinfectant including restrooms, doorknobs, doors, countertops, drinking fountains and sinks).”

Local 10 checked some facilities on a Miami Dade campus Friday and they were all stocked with soap and paper towels. But if your child in either district mentions that their school does not have soap, you should notify school leadership by phone, email or social media.

About the Author:

Saira Anwer joined the Local 10 News team in July 2018. Saira is two-time Emmy-nominated reporter and comes to South Florida from Madison, Wisconsin, where she was working as a reporter and anchor.