Oh, deer: White-tailed deer are testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies. Should we be worried?

Could this little guy have COVID-19? It's possible. (Pexels.)

Wait, now we have to worry about getting COVID-19 from deer?

Well, not necessarily, but according to a survey done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, officials found antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 in deer populations in four different states, according to National Geographic.

The agency tested wild deer from January to March of this year and found 40% of the tested deer -- 152, to be exact -- had antibodies.

So, this means that the deer somehow contracted COVID-19 and recovered from it. The agency said the deer were most likely asymptomatic.

Many of you might be wondering: If you go deer hunting in the fall, do you need to worry about getting COVID-19 from a deer that you may get close to?

The USDA told National Geographic that transmission from deer to humans is extremely low, but it is still something to keep an eye on as the COVID-19 virus mutates.

While it seems wild that deer are just wandering around forests with COVID-19, they are not the first animals to have contracted the virus.

Believe it or not, dogs, cats, tigers, lions, otters, snow leopards, gorillas and a cougar -- in captivity -- have all contracted COVID-19. National Geographic said the deer could have contracted COVID-19 from humans, a different type of animal or from contaminated wastewater.

It’s pretty crazy that animals now have antibodies for COVID-19, but if you’re a dog or cat owner, you might already know they can catch the flu.

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