Procedure reduces risks for women needing future gynecologic surgeries after C-section

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A recent study is highlighting the need for less invasive surgical options for women with a prior C-section who subsequently need a hysterectomy.

Dr. Daniel Gomez, a minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon with HCA Florida Northwest Hospital, is utilizing a robotic innovation which allows for a less invasive vaginal approach to hysterectomy.

“When you think about the risks patients have having had a prior C-section and now needing major surgery like a hysterectomy, there’s different things that can get into play for example, a prior C-section can increase the risk of a patient having a lot of adhesions, which is basically scar tissue that distorts the anatomy for the surgeon and makes it quite difficult to maneuver sometimes and increases the risk of infection, post-operative readmission and injury to surrounding organs so it can put the patient at greater risk,” he said.

Gomez said the robotic-assisted vaginal approach reduces those risks and allows patients to recover more quickly.

And with Type-2 diabetes on the rise in the U.S., researchers investigated dietary ways to reduce blood sugar levels.

And a recent study compared the effects of time-restricted intermittent fasting to ongoing calorie restriction on weight loss.

Researchers found that time-restricted intermittent fasting initially did a better job at reducing blood sugar levels, and potentially the risk of type two diabetes.

The early beneficial effects of fasting versus calorie restriction appear to disappear after six months, which seems to imply that both fasting and calorie restriction are just as beneficial long term.

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