Joel Osteen: Religion, sports have similar roles


MIAMI – Pastor Joel Osteen says religion and sports share similar roles in peoples' lives.

It's part of the reason Osteen partnered with Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade during All-Star Weekend in Houston for a Christian conference on parenting.

"The guys have the platform of the NBA," said Osteen. "They have a big following. It's great that they would come and share some time and inspire other people."

Potential Church in Cooper City recently featured four-time World Series champion Darryl Strawberry, who spoke about his struggles during his career.

Strawberry was arrested several times during his 17-year career. He told parishioners he "found the Lord," and hoped his testimony helped others struggling with similar issues.

Osteen said stories from Wade and Strawberry help people connect.

"Sometimes, we push people away... because they are not exactly like us," he said, "but, I found these people have a deep faith and a deep love of God."