Church's stolen air conditioning unit replaced

Service America installs new Rheem AC unit at New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – The New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church received a new air conditioning unit after it was stolen over the weekend.

Rev. James Smith walked outside the church Saturday to find the unit was gone.

"It was hot and humid and, of course, you deal with safety issues with your doors wide open," he said. "[It's] just amazing how the people in the community have come forth to be of assistance."

Service America installed a brand new Rheem AC unit on Thursday. Bruce Kalick said he saw the story on Local 10 Monday and wanted to help.

"I happened to catch the 6 o'clock news and I saw what happened," said Kalick, the sales and marketing director at Service America.

"He called me immediately and we thought we could help," said Steven Christensen, CEO of Service America.

The company also installed a new air handler, checked an existing unit, and repaired electrical damage caused by the thieves.

"Really, a lot of PF labor involved, so what Service America is doing from that stand point is outstanding and they are an outstanding company," said Sam Gravatt, the vice president of sales and marking at Gemaire.

"Those who are watching, come to church on Sunday because you will not be hot," said Smith.

"They're going to have a cool and comfortable service on Sunday, that's for sure," added Christensen.