Broward Sheriff's Office detention deputy accused of dragging woman by hair charged

Broward State Attorney's Office charges Delia Daly-England with battery in May 2012 incident

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Broward Sheriff's Office detention deputy was formally charged with battery after she was accused of pushing an inmate to the ground and dragging her by the hair, video first seen on Local 10.

BSO Detention Deputy Delia Daly-England has been on restrictive duty and hasn't had any contact with inmates since the incident in May 2012, which happened at the Broward County Main Jail.

"I wasn't hostile to any deputy. I did what I was asked to do. When I couldn't, I asked for help," said Lauren Militello, who was being escorted into the jail on a violation of probation charge.

Militello said she was pushed into a wall and fell to the ground. She said she was then dragged by her hair into a search cell, where she was beaten until she blacked out.

Matthew Dietz, Militello's attorney, said the video tells the same story.

"We are not surprised at all about the charges. We think it should have been obvious months and months ago," he said.

Militello said she was in pain as a result of multiple sclerosis, and that she had sprained an ankle and was on crutches when Daly-England ordered her to get up.

"They said to get up. I said can you please help me up. She said no, get up," said Militello.

Militello said Daly-England became angry that she wasn't moving fast enough.

"We wonder why all those other officers were standing by watching what was happening," said Dietz.

Dietz said he plans to sue Daly-England and the other deputies who didn't stop the incident.

The state attorney's office investigated the case for nearly a year before charging Daly-England with battery.

"We are just lucky and happy that this was caught on film," said Dietz.

Because of pending litigation, the Broward Sheriff's Office cannot comment, although the department did open an internal investigation. A spokesperson said the department is awaiting the outcome of the criminal charges.