Miami to resume issuing red light camera tickets

Commissioners amend program to meet new state regulations


MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – In a narrow vote, Miami City Commissioners voted to resume issuing tickets to red-light runners caught on cameras, by amending the program to meet new state regulations.

Under the state mandate as of July 1st, the city must set up a special board to hear drivers' appeals.  Commissioners voted to add an administrative fee to the cost of the ticket to pay for it, capped at $85.

With its vote, commissioners also ordered an assessment of how productive each of its 153 cameras are, and require any contract changes with its red light camera provider be approved by the commission.

The 3-2 vote followed discussion about the pros and cons of the camera program, which included commissioners' nod toward the potential to save lives and also the revenue to the city, more than $3 million last year. 

Miami is among 21 of Miami-Dade County's 34 cities and municipalities that use red light camera programs.

The city will resume issuing tickets Friday, though the hearing board that will hear appeals will not be set up until September.

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