Help needed to rescue, foster cats

Rescue groups, foster homes needed


MIAMIA very big-hearted cat lover now needs someone with an equally big heart to step up to help when she no longer can.

Local 10 was made aware of this story by My Animals Rock, a non-profit animal rescue group that we've worked with for several years.

The groups founder, Kathy Cremer, wrote to tell us that one of her neighbors has been caring for about 35 cats in her home and in her neighborhood. Sadly, the neighbor was recently hospitalized and will not be returning home.

She is no longer able to take care of the cats and the neighbors have called animal control several times.

"I am praying that people will be able to help with this situation," Kathy told Local 10. "I have been helping Laura for many years by supplying cat food and spaying and neutering as many cats as possible. Now that she is not returning, there will have to be a plan for the cats."

Kathy hopes that someone experienced with cat rescue will be able to help, by doing an onsite evaluation and helping to have the cats placed in foster homes or adopted.

"I am sick at the thought that these cats will be destroyed at animal control," Kathy said.

If you have any ideas, can offer temporary housing, or know of foster or rescues who can help, please call Kathy at 305-401-4693.