High school graduate rescues, rehabilitates dogs

Amanda Grimme volunteers at No Paw Left Behind Rescue

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Westminster Academy Christian School graduate spent much of her time rescuing, rehabilitating and finding homes for abused and neglected dogs while attending high school.

"I've probably fostered close to one hundred," said Amanda Grimme.

Grimme earned nearly 5,000 community service hours while volunteering with No Paw Left Behind Rescue.

"Amanda just really went above and beyond," said Jacquelyn Johnston with No Paw Left Behind Rescue. "She would put in extra hours, she would always come to events, she would always help out."

"I do all their Facebook stuff, email," Grimme said. "I do adoptions, I work with foster parents, I do pretty much everything."

Even as a child, Grimme was a bit untamed in the animal kingdom. Birds flocked to her and dogs loved her.

Even her high school photo had to be snapped with her favorite foster puppies.

Adopt a Pet

Amanda's work never ends. She still had to adopt out ten dogs before she headed off to college, and she still volunteered with No Paw Left Behind Rescue.

"To see animals that have been severely abused or neglected and then being able to take care of them and bring them back to life - that's why I do it," Grimme said.

Grimme said she wants to become a veterinarian.

"I don't see myself doing anything else," she said. "There's nothing that would make me more happy."

Grimme will be attending Loyola University in New Orleans this fall. She is majoring in biology and taking pre-veterinary courses. She hopes to start an animal rescue organization in Louisiana as well.

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