Fort Lauderdale celebrates Caribbean art

Caribe Arts Fest takes place this weekend

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – "I photograph a lot of the things that we all drive by every day and they look drab… but they come out looking like art and people really like them," says fine art photographer Sandra Canning.

Canning is a Caribbean born photographer who lives here in South Florida and whose work will be featured in the Caribe Arts festival in Downtown Fort Lauderdale this week. 

Over 4 days, Caribbean Artists, and Filmmakers will have a prominent showcase of their work, something that has been hard to come by.  It is the vision of art advocates Michelle McKoy and her colleague David Muir. 

"I am British by birth , Jamaican and Cuban by parents, I am a refection of  that diversity. With most Caribbean persons, we have multiple diversities, multiple outlooks on life and being  able to share that story is important and the time is now," said Mckoy.

The festival that's in it's second year in Fort Lauderdale and takes place in a few venues.

Caribbean Filmmakers  will showcase films like "Mas man," "Rasta" and "Better Mus Come," at the Museum of Art in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

On Saturday October 19, artists will take over Esplanade Park with arts and crafts and interactive family fun, food and musical acts. The headliners for the musical showcase is Rootz Underground and the Spam All Stars. 

For detailed  information and tickets log on to caribeartsfest.com

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