Paralyzed puppy seeks help from a local vet in hopes of walking again

'Puppy' gets checked out by local veterinary neurologist


MIAMI – A paralyzed puppy that was wandering the streets a few months ago and suffered a spinal injury is getting a special appointment with a neurologist today.

The 20-pound schnauzer mix gets around with a makeshift wheelchair his owners made, and they're hoping "Puppy" the dog will get another chance at walking on all fours again.

Dr, Michael Wong, a local veterinary neurologist, stepped in to help and checked out "Puppy," but after a thorough analysis, Wong says the dog will likely have to be in a wheelchair the rest of his life.

"Puppy has a problem in the mid-back spine, his front legs are normal but the back legs are just dragging behind him," says Wong.

Wong was hoping the spinal injury "Puppy" suffered almost four years ago could be corrected with surgery, but it turns it was more severe than he anticipated.

"Unfortunately, I don't think there is a lot that can be done to make him be able to walk," says Wong. "The great news is that he's happy and he doesn't mind being in a wheelchair, everyone that looks at him can tell that he's a happy dog."

Dogs with spinal injuries have the best chance of treatment within 48 hours.