Dogs, puppies rescued after being abandoned at So Fla construction site

Some puppies not spayed or neutered found dumped like trash


MIAMI – A number of dogs are being rescued after they were abandoned at a construction site in South Florida.

"They get dumped here quite often," said Rick Elliot, who runs the construction site.

Elliot said lately he's been feeding, providing water and even giving a little TLC to the homeless dogs fending for themselves in a cement city.


"We call that one Red," said Elliot. "They're all friendly, none of them are aggressive. They seem to be some peoples' pets that they just don't want anymore."

Lissette Alvarez of Fur Angels Rescue has been coming out to the construction site for weeks, saving the abandoned dogs.

"It's a tragedy. It's horrible," said Alvarez. "Dogs are part of your family and it's like dumping a child. They're very innocent and they don't know how to defend themselves."

Some of the puppies were found and dumped just like trash. Not spayed or neutered, the abandoned pups keep breeding.

One of the dogs that was the most recently rescued is pregnant and ready to give birth to six puppies at any moment.

"It's survival of the fittest for them unfortunately," said Sonia Salazar of Mueller Animal Hospital. "I was surprised at how good they looked for the conditions of where they were at."

"To drive out here to make the effort to leave the dog and to really doom the dog to a life of suffering or death, I can't really fathom how someone would do that," Alvarez said.

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