Lebron James' stepfather arrested for DUI in Miami Beach

Police Report: Eddie Gene Jackson became 'belligerent and insulting'


MIAMI BEACH – Lebron James' stepfather was arrested for DUI and for driving with a suspended license in Miami Beach Wednesday morning.

Eddie Gene Jackson, 47, was pulled over after a Miami Beach officer saw him driving fast and braking hard to stop at an intersection near 20th Street approaching Washington Avenue, police said.

According to the police report, the car ended up in the crosswalk and right lane of Washington Avenue. The officer had to stop to avoid a potential collision, as it appeared that the vehicle was going to run the red light.

Jackson handed the officer an Ohio ID card, a "friend" badge from the Fraternal Order of Police and additional documents, police said.

When the officer asked him why he didn't have a Florida license or tags, Jackson responded that, "He primarily lives in Ohio and that his son was Lebron James of the Miami Heat." And also mentioned that he was coming from a club on 20th Street and Collins Avenue where he currently has a work permit.

At that point the officer noticed Jackson to have watery and bloodshot eyes, "slurred speech with a thick tongue and mumbling," and had an odor of alcohol on his breath, the report said.

Jackson had said he hadn't had anything to drink, but when the officer asked him to perform the requisite roadside sobriety tests, he refused. That's when the officer proceeded to arrest him.

The report also states that Jackson then became belligerent and insulting but then said he wanted to perform the tests. But Jackson "did not perform to standards" and was eventually taken into custody.