Clouded leopard cubs born at Zoo Miami

Two female kittens born on March 13


MIAMI – Zoo Miami has welcomed two very special residents to their family.

On Tuesday, the zoo announced the births of two female clouded leopards, the first successful births of the highly endangered species.

The two kittens were the first litter for parents Serai and Rajasi. The cubs have been secluded in a den with their mother since their birth to avoid any external stress and to allow Serai to properly bond with them.

Clouded Leopards are a very secretive cat found in forests within Southern China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.  They have a very long tail with relatively short legs and large paws to facilitate their frequent arboreal lifestyle. 

The mother and kittens will not be on exhibit until the zoo staff can determine whether they are stable enough to face the public.

Zoo Miami officials also announced that their female lioness, Kashifa, has given birth to four cubs. The news comes just days after Kashifa's sister, Asha, died during a surgical procedure. The lion cubs will also remain secluded until further notice.